Full wipe and new update with peformance improvement


Thursday 7.06 there will be a full forced map and blueprint wipe.

Patch/forced wipe Delayed until tomorrow 8.06

With the update, Facepunch have updated to unity_2018.1.0 and have alots of peformance improvement.

Until this update, Unity engine could only utilization max 2 cpu cores and if you have a server that has more than 2 cpu cores, its usless, and you cant really benefit from it, until this update! Im looking forward to this.

If you want to see the hole change log to unity, take a look at it here


The update/forced wipe is gonne be delayed until tomorrow Friday 08.06

Update is usually around 19:00-22:00 GMT (7-10 PM) but we will never be for sure. it will come when its ready.

When update hits, the server will do a full wipe witch means, Blueprint, zlevel and map.





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