Update day 28.09.17


Thursday means update day and only Main server will wipe @ 17:00 GMT+2 – 28.09.2017

Update is usually around 19:00-22:00 GMT (7-10 PM) but we will never be for sure. it will come when its ready.

You can also check out this website: http://whenisupdate.com/ to check when update will be out.

Stay tuned!

Server Changes on Main:

  • Added free fuels on latnerns, and auto start on night.
  • Added higer gather rate at night (x15)
  • Updated new reporting /report “name/id” “msg”


22:40: All servers updated to latest update, remember to exit rust and get latest client update!

Devblog: https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/devblog-179/


17:05: Main server just wiped!


For more server info like, entities, last reboot time, players etc, our new metrics: Grafana

You can always follow this site(s) for more news/updates

https://playrust.com/ (Dev blog)