Wipe and updateday 20.07


Thursday means update day and Main & Nordic server will wipe @ 17:00 GMT+2.

Update is usually around 20:00-23:00 GMT+2 (8-11 PM) but we will never be for sure. it will come when its ready.


You can also check out this website: http://whenisupdate.com/ to check when update will be out.

Stay tuned!



20:45: All servers are updated, remember to exit rust to get latest client update!


17:00: Main and Nordic server wiped!


For more server info like, entities, last reboot time, players etc: https://rust-servers.info/search/project-altirust.html

You can always follow this site(s) for more news/updates

https://playrust.com/ (Dev blog)


  • NEWNew music system

  • NEWThree new songs

  • FIXEDFootsteps on ore nodes no longer silent

  • FIXEDFootsteps on steep inclines play more reliably

  • FIXEDFixed water spawning a sack world model when dropped

  • UPDATEDBetter logic to switch between walking and running footsteps

  • UPDATEDMisc audio mix tweaks

  • UPDATEDOptimized foliage displacement

  • UPDATEDOptimized effect lookup caching